BuzzPhoto2“The sensation I feel when painting is just like the experience of playing my guitar. When painting, the unmarked surface evokes in me the desire to express in color, light and line something which before that moment had not existed. The blank space speaks in longing to join the visible. With paint, charcoal, pastels, inks and dyes, that brief moment itself is captured for a time in the visible. It is the same with guitars, wood, steel and ivory- the soundless space is vibrant with anticipation as I reach into the quiet and free sound to fill the moment. My visual expressions bring to line, color and light the fourth field of sound itself. I literally feel music when I work.”

About twenty years ago I poured some Gesso on a piece of plywood and used a putty knife to make images. One thing led to another, and today I am still pushing color compounds around on plywood. Practicing art on Nantucket invokes different spirits than those that are available in other locales. I think they are smaller and need to be seen at close range.

Creativity is a stream of compulsions that arrive at several destinations. Sometimes it surfaces in words, sometimes in music and sometimes it comes in colors! Creative energy is fiery by nature and will warm us to life. My work thrives in warmth and light. I would hope that all of us, artists or not, stay curious in all we encounter. This is my hope for all of us who wish to be a human.

BuzzFamilyBuzzMusic0463aBuzz Williams is a self taught artist whose talent for painting and guitar has been evident since childhood. Buzz’s current collection of paintings features latex on plywood, using putty and pallet knives to create tactile sculptural paintings. His music gives voice to his visual expressions, capturing color and form in sound and rhythm. Buzz works out of his home studio on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, with his wife and jeweler Sarah Hutton.